The Science Behind The Life Death Soul And Resurrection

What is death scientifically? Do we have a soul? If yes, how is it? In my NLP seminars, one of the participants raised a question about this. Do we have a soul? Do we have a resurrection? Do we die? What is death? Let us understand and compare it through the window of science and religion. This article can be considered a new understanding of life and death, soul and resurrection, debatable.

Is there death? No. Is there any soul? No. Is there a resurrection? No. Is there destruction? No. Then what is there? There is only ‘the energy’ changing its form of existence from one format to another frequently.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It can change one form to another. This is one of the proven laws in science. The massive energy ‘released’ from the big bang’s singularity (understand that the big bang is not an explosion!) is distributed through the various work of creation and destruction (transformation). There is no destruction or death. There is only ‘one continuous process,’ the change in form.’ When we start to change one format to another, a series of reactions take place. The first one is energy goes out from the body, and the body becomes lifeless or energy-less or dead. This energy in divinity is called the soul. Death is nothing but the body without energy (soul).

Once the source of energy moves out from the body, the body decomposes to take various forms. There is no waste. There is no junk. Some organs may take many years to disappear from the old existence entirely, but they do change form. The birth, life, death, and resurrection is nothing but various forms of energy. Whatever exists through the creation goes out in the form of destruction (transformation), is all the game of energy.

Most of us may be knowing that even massive stars explode in a supernova. That is the death of the star. As we all know, when exploding in a supernova, giant stars take new life in the form of becoming neutron stars, dwarf stars, other small planets, and black-holes (our earth is one such product). The byproduct of a supernova depends on the mass of the giant star before the explosion. Interestingly each byproduct of the star-death is not a lifeless thing. One of the byproduct black-holes, the gravitation is so powerful that nothing can escape from it, including light. This is the visible form of death and subsequent resurrection (or change in the form of energy), a significant proof for life after death.

Understand that in the above real-time explanation, the new creations like neutron stars, dwarf stars, black holes, and other small planets are all having massive energy in them. If the supernova is a death that we claim as an end of a star, the new creations aren’t have been possible since a dead, lifeless thing cannot start a life with massive energy . This phenomenon is a clear example that death is nothing but a transformation to a new energy form.

It is like demolishing an old building that neared its life to construct a new one at the same place with modern architecture. Aging human body is one such building ready to be demolished into a new form of architecture.

Human death is also very sillier. It, too, changes its form of energy, which we can’t witness personally. We don’t know what we will become. This gave rise to the fear of death. All other fears are borne from this fear, safety of one’s own life, and fear of death.

Therefore there is no death. And hence there should not be fear of death. We ‘die’ to change form. Therefore resurrection or change of state is immediate, like the water boils to become vapor. The process of destruction is the creation of a new form of being (energy). Thus there is no destruction and loss. The soul is nothing but energy.

There is nothing waste over here. Even the stone is alive. That’s why it supports the building you and I reside. If it had no life, a rock wouldn’t have helped the building to stand still. For its purpose, the stone is alive in that shape and form, hard and dense. There are plenty of things in the universe that is much denser than the rock. Nothing in the ecosystem is waste /useless. In whatever form it is, God has a plan to balance his creation. [We wrongly ill-treat as useless, someone who is doing an ‘odd’ job, imagine a day without such person present in the society. We can understand who is useless. E.g.; – imagine a day the garbage collecting vehicle is absent].

Present-day people have a better understanding of death compare to the past. Hence the fear of death has been reduced, which led to an increase in suicides (can be a point of debate). The grief of loss is less felt now a day unlike in the past.

Understand that we are not created to be destroyed later. There is no destruction, as I said before. The process of death (transformation) is systematic and not of all of a sudden. Our body cells are replaced daily from day one. Eventually, the entire body give up, and we want to go as the change of form becomes necessary and a reality. Every soul, which is the energy, is meant to be reconnected with the creator. As science says, one day will come where everything will fall back to the singularity from where the big bang started completing the cycle.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have punishment for wrong deeds. Science also says about action and reaction. But indeed, not a death penalty or permanent destruction. It is because God is love, and therefore he is God. Punishment is to purify to take back everything the way he sent, in a pure form. Every day the day ends, and that sunset is also beautiful like a sunrise. Death is like that sunset. That is why death is peaceful, like a sunset.

I am going ahead of you to the almighty, the creator, to reserve a room for you-This is what Jesus Christ assured us before ascending to the heavens. God’s creation is so massive that each of us individually can own an entire galaxy containing billions of stars in each galaxy. This is the proven science about the number of galaxies in the universe.

If a soul is an energy, you may ask what the inner voice we refer to as the ”soul” so far, the voice that helps us identify right and wrong? In simple terms, the inner voice is our mother’s womb initially, our mother lap during tender age, the environment we grew up from the time of conception to the point where we develop our reasoning ability. That is why, in psychology, our formative years are of such importance. Therefore the soul is nothing but the positive energy planted from conception to the environment of values we were sent to grow up. We differ in our opinions about right and wrong since the physical and psychological environment differs from one to another, giving rise to either saints or sinners.


So what is Life? When we answer this question, it will clear the meaning of death. Life, in my opinion, is a purifying process. We experience karma, the reaction of action, which may be the purifying process in which we experience various sorts of pains and miseries. Life is like taking a bath before sleep after a hectic day full of activities. Death is a peaceful sleep of changing the form of energy. Change of record is a ‘new morning’ where you see God’s face when you wake up instead of the Sun.


The human race is the superior creations of all other designs, maybe the final form of energy before we reunite with the almighty. That is why let us make all efforts to live this gift of life gracefully.


We can understand that nowhere science and religion are clashing with their meaning of death and resurrection. They are entirely congruent with each other.


Written by ;-Vincent D’sa ; Dubai / Manipal

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