Stagnation Termination and Resurgence

(Published in Daijiworld TV & media network in 2020).


Gone are the days where after finishing basic degrees we continue to do a job for years until retirement in the same organization. Gone are the days our text books were sufficient to score passing marks.

Stagnation I am referring to in this article is all about education and skill development .Education is not wrapped in a limited space now a day. The education system now should be investigative, research, exploring the unknown and adding further value / knowledge to the existing information. If we don’t employ investigative approach to education we don’t succeed in academics and overall life thereafter. The reason is, the same chain of attitude is going to continue at the corporate world until retirement (we remain habitually inactive with basic things, waiting for glory!) .Our approach should be like a Police officer investigating a crime and looking for evidence at the crime scene. We can’t just repeat what is taught but we need to provide additional proof for what they have said. If this is not the approach then at the bend we will be seeing more darkness rather light. We will not be able to compete at the highly competitive job market either. We can’t sustain at the corporate world even if by chance we get selected with limiting skills and habits. This is the reason why we face termination .This is the time for progressive mindset candidates.

Let us understand what defines our actions. When we feel that ‘something’ is necessary to enhance our skills what we do is we take an immediate action on it. That initiative is the indication of our actual intentions and priorities. If we do not initiate an action we are conveying that the thing is not an important aspect in our life. That is why we need to value time. When we do not maintain a time frame we are saying indirectly that the thing is not important for us. That’s why we kept procrastinating our action. Our delayed action carries a message, either positive or negative. For E.g.;- Reaching in time for interviews or fixed professional meetings conveys that the person / situation is important for us.

Many of us quite often say that our qualification is not at all helping us in our daily life situations (professional and social). No one understands that that it is not the purpose of basic graduation. Basic graduation is like a raw house, without finishing. We can’t reside there until finishing is done. Similarly after basic graduation we need a ‘job specific ‘qualification to acquire considerable professional skill. Kindly understand this.

Introspect what is holding you back from initiating an action. Work on it. Let us not allow the fear and ambiguity to dictate our present and future. Let the clarity rule over us. Understand that what we do when we are struck is going to be decisive. What action we take to resolve the deadlock decides our wealth health and prosperity.Initiatiive is the only difference why some people are successful and why some are not in the similar situation. Not our IQ, percentage or our smartness, only initiative counts.

Gone are the days someone works for an organization for years. The current corporate life in any one particular company is three years. In these three years if we do not update our education/skills and bring it into action then we are destroying our professional life. Remember, the reason why we exit from a company say company A is going to haunt us at company B within a year and will be the reason for our exit from B as well and this saga will continue further. Instability and depression will become a part of our daily life. Hence be active, be a learner at every step. When we encounter a problem let us solve it and then proceed further. Let us not sit idle with our drawbacks in any domain of life.

There are around 17 people in touch with me in Dubai now. All are under considerable depression. Some have lost job. Some have reduced salaries. Some are facing terminations (one of my friends from Delhi got his termination letter just a day before catching the flight back to Dubai having mandatory covid 19 test done with valid employment visa. This was totally unexpected for him. A strong person until that moment is talking about having severe depression now). The reason given for such situation is Covid 19. Is it the real reason for these young people to have depression and uncertainty of future? Definitely no. Any company at any given situation gets rid of such employees who they think are not necessary for the organization. The same people if they have remained in the organization for some longer time it is not because they were contributing well but because they were not tested under trying situations. They were swimming with the flow of water until then .When a situation arrives such stagnant people will get the axe first. No company ever will terminate a manpower that they trust and see as a contributing factor. These are the very same people who ignored my warnings to improve the specific skills since last couple of years on certain things. The economic downward trend exists since 2009 recession. No part of the world ever recovered from those shockwaves. This should have been a warning sign but sadly it was not the case.

What is preventing us from improving ourselves? Why we are so negligible about our own professional well being? Why we are blaming situation outside rather looking within us? We all know that even the stagnant water stinks in a couple of days. An unused axe gets rusted. A cell phone/laptop that is not upgraded with new effective software is of no use. When the same logic is applicable to life we became inactive. So strange. Under covid 19 situations many of us don’t have the income we used to spend on purchasing quality cell phones. This is the sad reality. it is because we did not plan anything for trying situations even after going through 2009-10 recession. No secondary source of income when main source is blocked.

The reason why we faced terminations, salary deductions and instability will be the reasons for not getting alternate opportunities. Understand this reality instead of worrying and start making actionable plan..

The first step in doing anything positive is keeping away from negative people. Changing the environment or changing our attitude toward negative influence in our physical environment is the best practice to get ready for something better. Understand that at no point in life knowledge can be given less importance. If we do so this attitude can be detrimental  to our progress specially if we employ this approach between age 25 to 35 considering the hope  that our basic  graduation may keeps us moving up to age 30. It takes the same amount of effort, time and energy to be a joyful and successful person as it takes to be a miserable failure.

Ask any terminated person the reason behind it. Half heartedly he will blame the situation /organization/office politics. Half heartedly because internally he/she knows it is his/her drawbacks that lead to his situation.

Most of us those facing uncertain future this is the time to invest in further skills {(the word ‘skill’ is not properly understood by many, a skill is not a extraordinary education, it is about doing what we know already more efficiently than others. That is why the job we lose or applied is occupied by someone else with same education as ours but with better skills. Similarly the word ‘Multitasking’ .In simple terms it is about doing a few things at a time. But in real practice it is about ability to perform different functions of the organization other than our area of mastery so that when/if the need arises we can supplement other area as well until the necessary arrangement is done. It is mostly related to soft skills rather than hard skills. Psychologically multitasking is not possible and going to give us reduced output and the result can be erroneous. That is why police fines heftily talking over phone while driving!)], equip yourself with job specific education, not to sit idle and worrying. This grim situation is here to remain with us for another Five years (or more) after the vaccination is found and available at the local pharmacies for Covid 19.

The impact of this pandemic is very huge. It is like restarting all over again for individuals as well as for organizations. ‘Countries’ are under lockdown. Many industries will change the way they work in future reducing financial burden. Work from home has given many organizations many new ideas to reduce expenditure! Manpower will be reduced considerably to sustain bottom lines. Freelancing will rise considerably .Understand this new reality and make necessary adjustments. Understand that the 2009-10 economic meltdown impact was much lesser than the current impact (yet the world could not recover fully).

Next Five years will be very challenging in every domain of life. Survival of the fittest is best applicable in the current situation brought by Covid 19. This tests us in every possible parameter of fitness, physical mental and financial as well. Fittest is that person who keeps himself prepared to face situation of any kind by working on the drawbacks.

 By Vincent D’sa., Dubai.

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