Math Clinic

This is a unique initiative catering to the massive imbalance that is present in the quality of teaching and specialties at the urban and rural schools. For those students and schools not having exposure to urban environment and specialties we provide advanced study methods through our “Math Clinic” initiative that will bridge the gap. We provide workshops for science subjects through a creative approach that makes study of mathematics and science subjects simple and interesting. We teach study skills, focusing on concepts development rather memorization.

In depth explanation on “education culture and ingredients” explains in detail the entire education process. We present the need for investigative study approach rather students being passive listeners.

One Day Training/workshop for students.


Teacher Training-Performance specific –One day Training

Teachers are still ill equipped to deal with nature of shifting focus in science. We provide an approach which is of international standards for effective teaching methods. We provide the trainings /workshops for teachers to equip them with modern and effective ways of teaching moving them away from passive traditional Indian approach. Most of all teaching staff are completely unaware of how the outside world works! What is meant by actual competition! How to prepare a student depending on what works at the professional front in the outside world! And lastly, which areas a teacher should focus on, in making a child worthy to gain further knowledge.

The fundamental aspects of education which is not taught elsewhere.

One day training/workshop to present how we can convert an entire year’s syllabus into a few hours of practical session!


40 Plus Study Techniques & 17 Plus Stages Of Examination Fear A one-day workshop that reshapes your academic future.

More than 40 effective study techniques, both unknown in our theory and memory-based learning approach OR unrevealed by those who practice it, if any, to maintain their supremacy over others. These study techniques almost completely rule out the role of memorization and make the learning remain for years instead of just 4 to 6 months as in the current process.

In the coming decades the nature of focus will be shifting to artificial intelligence and space. We introduce topics from cosmos, Space and Astrophysics to create awareness.


Advisors to School Activities


We work as advisors for schools. This is to introduce specific topics like Space, Science Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, NLP Techniques and academic counseling. Student specific activities to enhance their all-round learning abilities are introduced. This helps students to perform to the maximum potential reducing fear of performance and increasing their self-motivation and confidence.

This will help schools to attract more students every year and earn better passing percentage. We introduce various learning techniques and practical presentations to support and easily understand the curriculum system.


NLP Certification Course

To create new brand of effective social counselors through NLP trainings, innovative methods will have to be implemented in various areas of the society at various levels. It would be a blend of class room studies and practical approach meeting current demands in the society rather a blind text book finish. We will impart excellent knowledge through rich professional personals from across the globe with multicultural cultural and social experiences and not just passive NLP training.

We will assist our trainees until they establish themselves as confident independent trainers.

With the present churn of reforms in every sector in India we understand that India is in need of social counselors. In the coming years the demand for social counselors will surge, which will lead to be a great source of income with  social recognition  who in turn will add value to the society and its development.



Career Selection Counseling

Most of us blindly following others while selecting our careers and face problems at the very beginning of our professional careers. Not only do we find it difficult to get a job with a satisfying pay scale but also find it challenging to find a job itself. We introduce focused career mentoring selections which helps in securing jobs abroad as well as in India.

Unheard knowledge about subjects for professional studies and career selection gained through world class work environments and being with multicultural professional exposure, we go to work abroad without knowing what actually works and what doesn’t.

How to re-skill at mid age to remain in contention competing with youth is an added attraction

Corporate Training


Sales/Marketing. Role of HR. Network Expansion-Dealer/Distribution Concept. Tips To deal with office politics. Importance Of Recreation.

We provide new insights to create a healthy and productive office environment which puts the organization on a recurrent profit path.



Crime prevention campaigns/seminars

This initiative is particularly aimed at youth to give them a voice and platform. To create a healthy society focusing mainly on mental well-being. To eradicate crimes and behavior deviation, by targeting and working on the events leading to the crime by providing a platform for everyone to express their needs, issues, problems to move toward a crime free society.


Training for sick and underperforming Organizations

Most of the Indian midsized companies are silent on a few important issues like need of properly trained front line sales forces, rampant office politics preventing productivity, unstable manpower, and uncontrolled credit and so on. Most of the managements thinks that an average yearly growth achieved being facing heavy competition is a reward itself. Most of them don’t know what they lose through petty office politics, unchecked resignations, lack of recreation, immature superiors and burdened sales people. We provide new insights to create a healthy and productive office environment which places the organization on a recurrent profitable path and growth.


Pre Marital counseling


In modern society the institution of marriage that should have provided joy and happiness is a breeding ground waiting for crimes to happen. We provide in-depth pre-marital counseling, covering all the issues related married life including legal consequences and prevention (marital blackmailing).

In life, what you want and what you get are rarely perfectly congruent. In the end, after all is said and done, what’s meant to be, will come your way, and what’s not, will fade away. Remember that life’s greatest gifts may not always be wrapped the way you expect. Marriage is one of such gifts.

Relationships have a greater impact on your wellbeing and happiness, than your income or your occupation. So make sure you give your relationship the attention and work it deserves

The topic covers partner selection to parenting and dispute management between individuals and both families.



Serving a social cause


This is a platform to bring those young kids who are deprived of grandparents/parents love and affection, with retired elderly people experiencing ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ (away from children),  to balance the homely eco system which is mutually beneficial.

I have personally experienced that, good and bad exists in equal quantities. The balance is well maintained by the nature. Life is lot more than just sex, food and shelter. Happiness is always present in our life. Our achievements and successes won’t matter on our death bed. Each morning when we wake up, it leaves a feeling of an aftertaste of birth and  each night when we retire to bed, it serves a foretaste of death.

We provide a platform to serve the needy in the society by taking up issues bothering the society and well-being of individuals. You can be a part of it by volunteering and give meaning to your life before it fades away.



Counseling-Effective counseling techniques-Suicide Prevention

Life is precious. To prevent suicides by providing counseling through various social apps round the clock for people who are having various mental illnesses especially depression would make the world a better place to live in. It would make people’s lives easier

Next Steps…

Listen to the roadmap of success from someone who is qualified to tell you through extreme struggles instead of people who aren’t where you want to be.