Our Approach

To shift students & parents focus from percentage-oriented approach to knowledge-oriented approach, that will automatically lead towards better percentage with a sound understanding of the concepts. The huge unemployment and paltry salaries are not only because of Government policies but also due to the steps we take without analyzing the existing and would be situations nationally and globally.

We have totally neglected the use of psychology in our daily life and educational activities. We need to understand the benefits of Analytical, Reasoning, and Problem-solving skills in student life. When each and every aspect of our physical & mental activities are directed by the mind, we have dared to neglect the mind & the process of thinking to the maximum extent possible!! Our goal is to change this negative attitude and enable peace and joy to inhabit every domain of our lives.

We have failed to understand that each and every subject is correlated. Science need psychology, Physics need Philosophy and Mathematics needs Economics.

The other area of weakness in our society is to blindly follow Engineering, medical, Nursing, commerce degrees for the sake of standing the society. We have falsely related social recognition to the job we do. Also, we don’t understand the need of standing out in the crowd to get selected in a massive pool of candidates. There are plenty of job specific careers earning good salaries unknown to the public.

Our subscribers will receive career selection counseling which will provide a wide range of career options unknown to most. We aim to guide the students to peruse degrees that lead to extensive employment opportunities and high income.

Our Philosophy


Listen from someone who is qualified to tell you instead of sources that aren’t where you want to be.

We believe in leading by example.

Meet the Team

Vincent D’sa

Founder & CEO

Educationist Practicing Life Coach , Master NLP trainer, member of accredited international NLP organisation ANLP is a Post Graduate in Applied Psychology besides professional qualifications, (Ex Project Manager @ Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE).

Ranjit Singh Khuller


Practicing Life &Business Coach , Author, Inspirational speaker, Pioneer in promoting NLP trainings in New Delhi and north India, is one of our key note speakers at IeMPACT Foundation. Member of International NLP foundation ANLP, UK

Syed Shahid


Soft Skill Trainer, MBA in Marketing & Finance, MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics. Awarded as Member Of Indian Management Fellowship(Affiliated to Cambridge University) Career Development Foundation Of India. Awarded as the young managerial talent of the region from the (Confredration of Indian industry).

Next Steps…

Listen to the roadmap of success from someone who is qualified to tell you through extreme struggles instead of people who aren’t where you want to be.