NLP certification course

To create new brand of effective social counselors through NLP trainings.

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Effective Mathematics and Science Learning Techniques

We provide new insights to create a healthy and productive office environment which puts the organization on a recurrent profitable path.

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Learning Through Creativity

To create a healthy society focusing mainly on mental well being.

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The IeMPACT foundation’s weekly periodical is designed to spread awareness of quality education and the importance of academic excellence to all sections of students. At present students are immensely influenced by the coaching institutions, where in repetitive class work is conducted, adding no value to learning.

In order to address this issue in a substantial way, we have introduced and publishing a weekly periodical containing seven distinctive sections, addressing all the issues from Education to Depression. This is a weekly periodical containing information derived by quality readings from various sources, highly competitive, multicultural and professional exposure and traveling.

Weekly 20 minutes of quality reading of this periodical, will completely change your perception about life. This will relieve you from all the stress encountered in daily life situations, enabling you to take an active role in all the spheres of life. Even though our primary concentration is on quality education we believe this periodical will transform every reader because relevant knowledge boosts potential.

An extremely useful journal for graduate job seekers and professionals wanting to climb the corporate ladder. Articles appearing in this journal are prepared depending on what works and what exactly happens at professional set ups, rather speculative.

This is a solution based academic approach fundamentally built on forensic analysis of learning processes and concept building. The periodical is a follow up action to what we teach in trainings/workshops online and offline. Apart from giving the relevant knowledge, we also motivate every subscriber personally by following up with them to eliminate the risk of lapsing on application.


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Listen from someone who is qualified to tell you through extreme struggles instead of sources who aren’t where you want to be.