NLP certification course

To create new brand of effective social counselors through NLP trainings.

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Effective Mathematics and Science Learning Techniques

We provide new insights to create a healthy and productive office environment which puts the organization on a recurrent profitable path.

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40 Plus Study Techniques & 17 Plus Stages Of Examination Fear A one-day workshop that reshapes your academic future.

More than 40 effective study techniques, both unknown in our theory and memory-based learning approach .

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The reasons why The Impact Foundation established is;

  1. To provide top-quality learning process and education to the economically weaker section of the society and reduce /negate the disparity in the quality of education between poor and rich, rural and urban and make students and youth challenged by various drawbacks compete with world-class people.

Quality education is not a patented property of wealthy and affluent people.

  1. Education is not for commercial gains. Having no sufficient money and other resources cannot be a reason for not having a quality learning process. We provide you that platform and awareness to excel by crossing those barriers.
  1. There are very few counselors when society is passing through high depression rates, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and overthinking. Due to a lack of awareness and the high cost, people stay away from studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). We provide a platform to study NLP through various initiatives eliminating the high-cost concerns.

To address these issues at a more significant level, we have two initiatives in place.

(A). The book “Momentum, The Science Of Studies” is published on February 21st, 2021, an almost complete book on the learning process for students from class 9th onward. It is significantly beneficial for students opting for science besides others.

The topics and study techniques will mesmerize you in the 245 pages book.

(B). A journal “Momentum “is launched for graduating youth. You cannot fail interviews or perform poorly in professional life and overall life once you become a subscriber and apply the learning in daily life. This journal has been specially designed to help graduates, unemployed, paltry salaried, and depressed youth bring their lives back on a progressive track.

Only a one-year subscription is sufficient for an individual /student to make the turnaround.

***P.S; We provide follow-up action to what we teach in training/workshops, book purchasers, and journal subscribers. For that purpose, we take down your contact details when purchasing the book or journal subscription. Relapsing is a significant risk of slipping out from the right track. We help prevent that from happening through our various initiatives.


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Listen from someone who is qualified to tell you through extreme struggles instead of sources who aren’t where you want to be.